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About Quantum Metal

Yes, all Quantum Metal S/B products are fully audited, regulated, certified and recognized by International Shariah Research Academy (ISRA) appointed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

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QM will directly credit an equivalent gold grammage into customer's gold account upon receiving customer's payment confirmation. The physical gold will be stored in Brinks Global Services ('BRINKS') known as Third Party vault. BRINKS is a reputable and established worldwide company. Apart from this, Customer’s physical gold is also 100% insured by LLOYD’s London.

Furthermore, Customer has a freedom to withdraw their physical gold from their Gold Storage Account (GSA) at any preferred time except GAE5X / GAE10X are subject for withdrawal upon full payment settlement to QM. This can be done by selecting 'Physical Withdrawal' from GSA.

A qualified or a well-established company that meets QM's business model with a good business proposal are welcomed to join QM as a trading partner. Kindly contact QM Customer Service Careline: 03-8605 3611/ WhatsApp us at 014-3180237 for further information.

There are many products version relating to Quantum Metal in the market is due to an advertisement and marketing posted by a 'Known' and 'Unknown' individuals or company / agency on their personal page such as FB / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter etc on the social media platform.

The 'Known' individual or agency / company are referred as a Registered Member of Quantum Metal ('Consultant'). All registered Consultant are issued with a Membership Authority Card. Customer can verify their Membership by QR Scan Code available on their social media platform. The Consultant(s) has been advised to advertise and promote QM's products by following a strict QM's marketing guidelines and SOP's subject to Terms and Conditions (T&C) set by the Management.

However, the 'Unknown' are those who are NOT registered individual(s) or company / agency etc with Quantum Metal and they DO NOT represent us in any way to advertise / promote / market / publish QM's product or to act on behalf of Quantum Metal S/B. Therefore, any actions carried out by the 'Unknown' usually leads to a misleading and misinterpretation of QM's product, information, business model, compliance etc. If in the event the customer found any false statement or suspicious announcement on social media, kindly call QM Customer Service Careline and WhatsApp the details or information for our investigation.

We strongly recommend and advise the Public to browse an official website of Quantum Metal Sdn. Bhd. and kindly call our Customer Service Careline below to get a rightful, correct and genuine information in regard to QM’s products, facilities and services.

QM Customer Service Careline Number: 03-8605 3611

QM WhatsApp No.: 014-318 0237

QM Official Website: https://www.quantummetal.com

QM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuantumMetalQM/

QM YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiLO9cWWcu7fMgP19fqiS4g/videos

Quantum Metal business nature as a Gold Trading Company does not require QM to register under Securities Commission Malaysia ('SC') and Bank Negara Malaysia ('BNM') which is similar to Goldsmith Traders. However, the entire Buy/Sell Gold product structure of Quantum Metals is fully reviewed and audited by International Shariah Research Academy ('ISRA'); an agency appointed under the Bank Negara Malaysia ('BNM').

Monetary Metal is providing part of physical supply on consignment basis to Quantum Metal similar to the banks and all its branches. Where else, Bullion Bank is providing fund / credit to Quantum Metal's members for Gold Asset Enhance (GAE) 5X/10X products.

Shariah Compliance

Yes, Quantum Metal’s product is audited by ISRA International Consulting Sdn. Bhd. for Shariah pronouncement where it is compliance with the Shariah Policy Documents.

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Buy & Sell Gold

Capital appreciation from a physical gold trading is non-taxable

No. Quantum Metal only trade physical gold purchase and storage.

QM’s gold price is updated daily based on London Metal Exchange (“LME”). Customer can login and check QM’s bullion / gold price published at www.quantummetal.com for a daily gold price updates.

Spot Price is referred as an international fixed value of one (1) troy ounce of gold price based on its supply and demand. Please take note that QM does not follows spot price where it changes every minutes.

Kindly be informed that usage of Credit Card / Debit Card will be only available in near future. QM will make an officially announcement when the supporting bank card system is ready. At the moment, we only accept 'PayDirect – FPX', 'Direct Bank In' through online banking, 'Payout Account' in Quantum Metal System ('QMS') and Telegraphic Transfer ('TT') via registered banks locally and internationally.

The fineness for QM physical gold sold are 999.9% purity as produced by a refiner listed on the London Bullion Market Association's (LBMA) listing.

Upon successful submission and completion of Sell Gold transaction by customer, it will take about one (1) to five (5) working days for QM to process. The money will be then credited directly into customer's registered bank account in our Quantum Metal System (QMS) record.

Customers can purchase gold as low as RM10.00 into Gold Storage Account (GSA) and there is no maximum limit purchase.

a. The average cost shown on the website is calculated in your base currency.
b. The average cost will only be updated when there is deposit or transfer in transaction.
c. The formula of the average cost of deposit transaction:
d. The formula of the average cost of transfer in transaction:
e.The average cost displayed on the your GSA homepage or gold account log page is the average cost obtained from your last transaction.

Physical Gold

Firstly, customer must submit a withdrawal request for a 'Physical Withdrawal' in their QM Gold Storage Account and will receive a confirmation date on physical gold collection advice from QM Customer Service Careline before a customer can walk-in to the selected Ar Rahnu TEKUN branch. Please take note that direct walk-in to Ar Rahnu TEKUN branches without QM's prior approval & arrangement will not be entertained.

If in case you did not receive any confirmation upon submitting your 'Physical Withdrawal' request, kindly login to Gold Storage Account (GSA) and check if your contact information (email and phone number) is updated. This would cause a delay on QM's side to process the application as well as to confirm on the physical gold collection date. However, you are advised to call QM Customer Service Careline: 03-8605 3611 / WhatsApp us at 014-3180237 to get the latest update and information.

There are no surchage or fees to be paid by Customer for a physical gold withdrawal at Ar Rahnu TEKUN.

QM’s physical gold withdrawn from Ar Rahnu TEKUN can be pawned / sell back to Quantum Metal at any time with a higher rate return by calling QM Customer Service Careline: 03-86053611 / WhatsApp us at 014-318 0237 for our further assistance. If the customer chooses to pawn the physical gold to Ar Rahnu TEKUN, customer is subjected to Ar Rahnu TEKUN's rate, procedures, terms and conditions. Kindly liaise directly with Ar Rahnu TEKUN on this matter.

Yes, physical withdrawal collected at Ar Rahnu will be sold at Ar Rahnu TEKUN. The rate is subject to Ar Rahnu TEKUN published physical old buy of the day. Subject to the Terms and Conditions by Ar Rahnu TEKUN.

Kindly call Ar Rahnu TEKUN general line at: 03-9059 8888

For security reasons, QM physical gold can be only withdrawn and collected by the same customer who have submitted a transaction for a physical gold withdrawal from their Gold Storage Account (GSA). Third party or any other personal is strictly prohibited to collect the physical gold on behalf of the intended customer.

No, you are not allowed to change the denomination and/or quantity of the physical gold to be withdrawn after submitting a request in the system for a physical gold withdrawal.

No, change of Ar Rahnu TEKUN center for a QM physical gold withdrawal to other location / center is not allowed once the said request has been submitted in the system.

QM Customer Service Careline will contact you once QM physical gold is ready to be collected at Ar Rahnu TEKUN branch within five (5) to ten (10) days from the collection date (Note: Subject to stock availability).

You must collect your physical gold within fifteen (15) working days after the confirmation of collection date given by QM. As part of our service commitment, QM Customer Service Careline will contact you to remind you if no collection is performed. However, if the said physical gold is still not collected by the customer, Quantum Metal S/B reserves the rights to force sell of the uncollected physical gold on the 20th working day. Kindly be informed that the sale of the physical gold to QM will be based on the 20th working day of QM 'Buy Price' rate gold price value. An equivalent gold grammage of the said physical gold will be credited back to customer's Gold Storage Account (GSA) on the same day of transaction.

Yes, you can request for a cancellation of the physical gold withdrawal submitted via system by calling QM Customer Service Careline: 03-8605 3611 / WhatsApp us at 014-318 0237 within three (3) days from the transaction date. Kindly be informed that such cancellation request will be treated and served as no-collect where Quantum Metal S/B reserved the rights to perform a 'force sell' of the said physical gold. The sale of the physical gold will be based on QM 'Buy Price' rate gold price value transacted on a working day. An equivalent gold grammage of the said physical gold will be credited back to customer's Gold Storage Account (GSA) on the same day of transaction.


No. As per QM's announcement made on 1st July 2020 and 28th July 2021, Purchaser are NOT required to 'Top UP' the Margin Call or to make any additional payment(s) to QM if the purchased gold price drop below eight percent (8%). QM will NOT terminate Purchaser’s GAE and there will be no 'Force Sell' of transaction. Purchaser are allowed to keep their gold asset holding(s) at any period of time until the gold value appreciate to earn their profit. Therefore, Purchaser has 100% holding rights on the purchased gold grammage which has been credited into their GAE 5X / 10X by QM. The Termination of Contract(s) is fully under the discretion of Purchaser's option either to keep or to sell their gold holding(s).

Purchase of GAE 5X / 10X product series from Quantum Metal is given on a Credit Term basis and NOT as a loan to customer. An equivalent purchase value of gold grammage will be directly credited into Purchaser’s GAE 5X / 10X respectively to meet the Shariah compliances upon receive of payment by QM. The Purchaser has a 100% holding of the said grammage and may sell it at any desired time.


To register a gold account with QM, customer can register through all our Registered Consultant or visit QM’s official website at https://quantummetal.com or call QM’s our Customer Service Careline: 03-8605 3611 / WhatsApp us at 014-318 0237 for a registration assistance.

Registration of QM Gold Storage Account is Free of Charge (FOC).

Below are the criterial for Gold Storage Account registration with QM:
i) Aged 18 year & above;
ii) MyCard holder for Malaysian citizen with a registered Malaysian saving bank account or a valid Passport for a Non-Citizen with a recognized Local / Foreign Bank Account.

Yes. Any company registered with SSM are allowed to open a Gold Storage Account with QM subject to terms and conditions. Kindly call QM Customer Service Careline No.: 012-6780237 / 014-3180237 for further information.

Know Your Client (KYC) check is important to ensure Client's personal details such as NRIC or Passport name and Bank Account record is accurate and true as per information entered into QM system. Upon confirmation and completion of KYC registration, your Gold Storage Account will remain active even there is no transaction until a request for account termination is submitted to QM.

Yes, you can change password by selecting 'Forget Password' option on QM's main login page.

If you're unable to login to your Gold Storage Account, you can request to reset or 'unlock' it by contacting QM Customer Service Careline: 03-8605 3611 / WhatsApp us at 014-318 0237 for a registration assistance

Please upload your National ID according to the National ID Upload Requirement Rule when activating your gold storage account.

No. Usage of Quantum Metal name, its logo as well its affiliates logo's such as AFFIN, MUAMALAT Banks, ISRA, BRINKS, MYANGKASA etc and others in your brochures and video on a personal social media platform for advertising and promotion purpose are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED as per QM's Terms & Conditions (T&C), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as well as Member's Code of Ethics guidelines set by the Management.

Kindly be informed that, if QM Management noticed any misuse of such information or receive any complaint(s) from the Public or Affiliates or others, the Member(s) QM GOLD Storage Account (GSA) will be Deactivated / Terminated.

Any person who are aged below 18 years old are NOT allowed to open a Personal GSA with Quantum Metal. However, they can register a Junior Account under their Parent's Primary GSA where the Parent's will act as their custodian. The Parent's has the sole rights and have a full control of the said account to perform Buy/Sell Gold transaction for their children's education savings and future plan etc. This includes purchase of GAE 5X/10X products. Junior Account holder will not qualify to be as an 'Introducer / Consultant' (D/M/SM).

Yes. Quantum Metal Gold account holder can name their beneficiary in the 'Beneficiary' column list or choose another available option by clicking 'Estate'.


The following are the measures taken by QM in compliance with the requirement of AMLA:

i) AMLA compliance officer(s) have been nominated by QM to ensure that all activities and facilities offered by QM are in accordance and satisfy AMLA compliances;

ii) QM conducts due diligence on all customer's transaction from time to time where it shall meet AMLA's terms and regulation;

iii) QM does submit a comprehensive Data Compliance Report ('DCR') annually where it is in accordance with Bank Negara Malaysia’s ('BNM') instruction and criterial. This is one way for QM to do a self-assessment risk and vulnerabilities to curb money laundering activities as well as the terrorism financing act. Apart creating a value and customer confidence, this is an important measurement and practice for QM to identify grey areas and close the gaps in order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Financing of Terrorism ('AML / CFT') requirements.


Quantum Metal Consultants program is open to all registered members. To qualify as a Consultant kindly contact our Customer Service Careline for more information. Please reach out to contact us page.


Please call or WhatsApp us or browse QM’s link at:
QM Customer Service Careline No.: 03-8605 3611
QM WhatsApp No.: 014-318 0237
QM Official Website: www.quantummetal.com

QM's business operating hours is from 9am - 5pm from Monday to Friday. QM office is closed on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and on Malaysian Calendar Year Public Holidays.